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MobilityX  Conference
The transportation industry will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 50. Join us for our next conference in the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles from December 1-3.
Location: San Francisco
Date: October 28th
George Kellerman
Rob Conybeer
Shasta Ventures
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The MobilityX Conference brings together a small group of professionals who are focused on autonomous vehicles. The conference is a small, invite only event where leading thinkers, investors and founders can learn from each other share experiences
45 invitees
This year, MobilityX Conference is hosting a unique private event at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.
Our event is an invite-only  global autonomous vehicle leadership series featuring executive-level automotive professionals from across a range of industries. The event is tightly-curated to facilitate peer-based thought leadership and networking in a private, intimate environment.
Leading companies, CEO, founders and executives from the autonomous vehicle and mobility industry will be in attendance.
We believe that being in an incredible location, with great people creates an unforgettable environment to build lasting relationships and foster connections between individuals.
What’s Included?
Austin Russell
CEO - Luminar Technology
Austin Russell is an accomplished applied physicist, and founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies, Inc. He founded the company in 2012 with a vision to develop a new type of LiDAR for the autonomous vehicle industry.
Norman Firchau
CEO Porsche Consulting
Norman Firchau is the President and CEO of Porsche Consulting Inc. Porsche Consulting advises corporations worldwide in the automobile and automotive supply, aviation and aerospace industries.
Danny Shapiro
Senior Director of Automotive - NVIDIA
Danny Shapiro is NVIDIA's Senior Director of Automotive, harnessing the power of AI to develop self-driving cars
Michael Ronen
Founding Partner - Softbank Vision Fund
SoftBank Investment Advisers is a global advisory firm that seeks to make investments in the technology sector.
Anupam Malhotra
Director, Connected Vehicles & Data, Audi
Pom manages Audi’s digital services business in the U.S. which includes the industry leading Audi connect.
Robert Hambrick
CEO - AutonomouStuff
AutonomouStuff is the world’s leader in products, engineering services and software that enable robotics and self-driving transportation.
Christopher Heiser
CEO, Renovo
Christopher Heiser is co-founder and CEO of Renovo, a Silicon Valley technology company focused on the challenges of Autonomous Mobility on Demand (AMoD).
Jon Absmeier
Vice President, Smart Machines - Samsung
John is responsible for open innovation, investment and new business creation in the areas of drones, robots and automotive for Samsung
Ravi Puvvala
CEO - Savari
Savari is a mobility and transport solutions provider that develops vehicle communication software and hardware.
Mike Jellen
President - Velodyne Lidar
As President, Mike Jellen is responsible for overseeing all daily operations of Velodyne.
Cameron Coursey
Vice President - Product Development, AT&T Internet of Things
Cameron is charged with driving the system solutions and launch for connected devices on AT&T’s network.
Dragos Maciuca
Technical Director - Ford Motor Company
Dragos is the Technical Director, Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center at Ford Motor Company
Arno Harris
Executive Chairman - Alta Motors
Arno recently joined Alta Motors, and is a passionate advocate for solutions to climate change through the intersection of clean technology, business and public policy.
Jan Becker
Jan Becker is CEO & Co-Founder of Apex.AI, a Silicon Valley startup developing software for autonomous vehicles.
Assaf Biderman
CEO - Superpedestrian
Superpedestrian is commercializing the Copenhagen Wheel, Senseable City Lab's award winning bicycle project.
Jessica Monahan
Vice President - McGuire Woods
Jessica Monahan focuses her practice on transportation and infrastructure policy, working primarily with trucking, transport logistics and technology companies.
Alex Timm
CEO - Root Insurance
Root uses artificial intelligence to help good drivers save an average of $784 a year on car insurance.
Barry Lunn
CEO - Arralis
Arralis develop and manufacture a wide range of custom state of the art flat beam steering antennas utilizing meta materials such as liquid crystals.
David Anderson
Director, Samsung
Dave Anderson is the Director of Technology for the Smart Machines Initiative for the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center
Joao Barros
CEO - Veniam
Veniam builds city-scale networks of connected vehicles that expand wireless coverage and bring terabytes of physical data to the cloud.
Dr. Eugene Izhikevich
CEO - Brain Corporation
Brian Corporation is transforming today's manually operated machines into tomorrow's autonomous solutions, starting with cleaning robots.
Travis Hedge
Silicon Valley Bank
Travis Hedge is an Analyst with SVB Capital, responsible for identifying and evaluating venture capital fund and direct investment opportunities
Manuela Papadopol
Co-founder and Managing Partner Sansea Consulting
Manuela is focussed on Business and Marketing Strategy, Consumer behavior and Branding.
Dave Lyons
Co-Founder - Peloton Technology
Peloton is developing a technology business to save lives and billions in fuel by linking active safety systems with vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications on long haul trucks.
Paraic Hayes
Director - IDA Ireland
Páraic Hayes heads US West Coast operations at IDA Ireland, the Irish government investment agency. IDA advises leading Technology companies from across the US on global expansion projects.
Matthew Delaney
Marble develops and operates robots for autonomous last-mile logistics. Marble was founded in 2015, is funded by Lemnos Labs, and is located in San Francisco, CA.
Mark Groden
CEO - Skyryse
Mark Groden is co-founder and CEO of SkyRyse, a Silicon Valley technology company delivering autonomous flight technologies to revolutionize on-demand transportation.
David Silver
Head of Self Driving Cars - Udacity
David Silver leads the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program. Before Udacity, David was a research engineer on the autonomous vehicle team at Ford.
Mircea Gradu
Chief Quality Officer - Velodyne
Mr. Gradu leads Velodyne Lidar to design, develop and manufacture world-class products compliant with the international quality standards and satisfying customer needs.
Barry Behnken
VP Engineering - Aeye
AEye develops advanced vision hardware, software and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.
Eran Shir
CEO - Nexar
Nexar uses smartphones to create an AI-backed vehicle-to-vehicle network that works to predict and prevent accidents.
Michael Drobac
Senior Advisor, McGuire Woods
Drawing from deep experience in the private and public sector, Michael Drobac’s practice straddles the intersection of technology and public policy.
Lissa Franklin
VP Marketing and Business Development - BestMile
At BestMile Lissa directs a team of business development professionals in Europe and the U.S. and leads the marketing strategy for the company. Lissa previously managed AppDirect’s Connected Vehicles Practice where she worked with OEMs, Tier 1s and technology providers. As a Silicon Valley executive.
Peter Kovacs
Head of Projects - AImotive
AImotive is a full stack software company delivering artificial intelligence based software for self-driving cars.
Chris Boody
Global Business Development - Microsoft Connected Vehicles.
Chris works with car makers to assist them with Digital Transformation of their business.
Conor O'Connor
Managing Partner - Enterprise Equity Venture Capital Group
Enterprise Equity is Ireland's longest established VC firm. It has invested in many of Ireland’s leading technology companies including Movidius (acquired by Intel).
Elena Moseng
CEO & Founder – Irbiz
Elena is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her creative venture company Irbiz focuses on innovative technology businesses with an emphasis on VR/AR, computer vision and artificial intelligence.
Soraya Kim
Chief Innovation Officer - American Center for Mobility
The American Center for Mobility is a 500+ acres, state-of-the-art test facility for the testing and validating of automated vehicles, the acceleration of standards, and the education and training of the workforce.
John Mullen
CTO & Co Founder - Righthook
RightHook builds simulation software for autonomous vehicles so they can be developed quickly, confidently, and safely.
Rani Wellingstein
CEO - Oryx Vision
Powered by its proprietary optical-antennas technology, Oryx Vision is developing a novel FMCW LIDAR sensor for tomorrow's automotive applications.
Mike Beker
Automotive Business Development - HERE Technologies
Mike heads up HERE’s automotive business development efforts in Silicon Valley
Eirik Moseng
CEO & Founder - Conspexit
Eirik is a serial entrepreneur and technologist specialising in computer vision, VR/AR and artificial intelligence with passion for autonomous vehicles.
Philip McNamara
Voxpro & MobilityX
Philip is Managing Director of Voxpro USA and Founder of Mobility X
Friday, Dec. 1, 2017
2pm - Check-in and registration. Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach
3pm - Optional Paddle Boarding in Redondo Beach Marina.
5pm - Track open for Testing/Training Self Driving Vehicles
7pm - Welcome Event

Private Dinner in Esplanade Room

SOL Restaurant Hotel Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach
Saturday, dec. 2, 2017
7am Breakfast at Hotel
8am Shuttle Bus to Porsche Experience Centre, LA
8.30am Introduction and Welcome

Sponsor: Silicon Valley Bank
9am  Ford 
9.30am Audi
10am Coffee Break
10.15am  NVIDIA
10.45am AutonomouStuff
11.15am Peloton Technology
11.30am AT&T
12.15pm Break Lunch, Networking
1pm Track Driving with Porsche Vehicles
5pm Demo of Self Driving Vehicles from AutonomouStuff
Sunday, dec. 3, 2017
7am Breakfast in Hotel
8am Drive or Uber to Porsche Experience Centre
8.30am Recap Day 1 and Outlook Day 2
Sponsor: IDA Ireland
Sponsor: McGuire Woods
 9am Samsung
9.30am Nexar
10am Coffee Break
10.15am Alta Motors
10.45am Super Pedestrian
11.15am Veniam
11.45am Savari
12pm Feedback, Next Steps, Networking and Expo
1pm Lunch, Porsche Motor Sport Speech/Tours, Exhibition and Demos
3pm Conference Ends

The theme of this event is ACES and how shared, electric connected vehicles can radically alter our cities, make our cities healthier and improve the lives of millions of people.

Autonomy: We will be learning from some of the leading companies in the autonomous vehicle space, hearing about the latest innovation from companies who are on the cutting edge of machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence in transportation.

Connected: Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Cloud communications will become increasingly important in the coming years, as cars transform from independent entities to a mesh network of interconnected vehicles, all communicating with each other. We will learn from some of the most advanced V2X companies who are leading the way in this new communication field.

Electric: As battery technology continues to advance and costs continue to decline, more and more manufacturers will turn to electrification to power their vehicles. We will be learning about new charging systems, platforms and how startups and large companies are using electricity to power transport in the future.

Shared: Car sharing is becoming more and more common in large cities around the world. Consumers and manufacturers are learning how to adapt to the changing marketplace and demands it puts on local infrastructure. We’ll hear from policy experts, leading car sharing companies and innovators in the car sharing industry.

Previous X Conference attendees include…
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MobilityX Conference
Our conferences are private, invite only events designed to help leaders connect, learn about future trends and engage with nature and the outdoors.